Who I am and what I do
I'm a coach and mediator. With me you can work on actual projects relationships where you feel stuck.My approach is listening-based, with empathy to get clear about your feelings and needs. We can then move to
  • concrete actions to meet your needs
  • focusing to cut through confusion
  • an empowerment session ("beauty of needs")
My main approach is Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, also know as Giraffe Language and developed further by Robert Gonzales and others.  In addition I draw on mainstream psychology (John Gottman, Positive Psychology, CBT).

Special features
I love working via phone and Skype, often without video, as it's so flexible for my clients.

We can work at any time of day, without having to travel, and the sound quality is so good it's like sitting side by side. It's also easy to take notes and give you links.

I'm great at finding additional resources and connecting you with people.

I have a science background as well as New Age experience, so I'm committed to things that really work in the long term.

Why I choose to help people like this
I love doing it and seeing things get better, and I believe that with these skills of active peacemaking, we can build a better world.

What is NVC and why is it important?
It's a process for connecting with what matters to ourselves and others, coupled to a longing to make a more wondeful world for us to live in. For books see www.NonviolentCommunication.com