Making requests workshop

Join us for an interactive online workshop to deepen your capacity for making requests.
We will:
  • practice crafting requests that are specific, doable and time-bound
  • look for efficient and easy ways to meet needs
  • gain awareness of needs that may come up around Christmas and prepare some requests
This will be an online event, so you can join from anywhere. You need to install Skype on your computer and a headset will help sound.
Price: £15 approx


I loved this clip of adults and children doing NVC

I mostly share inspiring things and materials on the online practice group now, so for more like this, check out:

See also this inspiring example:

We are all in this together. We are the us. Joanna Macy's gmail account was hacked a few days ago, as the hacker sent out spam from her assistant (Annie) requesting money from her 3,500 contacts!  Google was very slow to respond but when learned of the BAAMplex! Service Space hacker story last year, Annie decided to approach the hacker directly.  Fueled by inspiration and moved by love, Annie wrote a moving note and, lo a behold, the person behind the action responded and ultimately returned access to Annie!  Here are some excerpts from Annie's note: "Dear Brother or Sister Hacker, ... I can tell you now that she [Joanna] is 82 years old, a teacher, author and person who has touched the lives of thousands and thousands of people.  Have you had a chance to look at her website? [...] I want you to know I am not upset with you for what you have done and from my end I don't even need to pursue anything. I believe in restoration, not retribution. I want you to have the experience of restoring what has been broken, and not punished for what you have done. I understand why you did what you did." Sister Annie hacked into this brother's heart. "The heart that breaks open can contain the entire universe." Indeed! The SS posse paying-forward the kindness (R)evolution. ;-) 

Delicious Day - event December 3rd

WHAT IS IT? A day to hang out and discover more of what helps women & men get on, informed by NVC and what works!

WHO'LL BE THERE? We are aiming for a 50-50 male-female balance in the group and limiting numbers to 10 people for a quality experience.Couples are welcome and so are singles/friends. 

WHAT WILL WE EAT? We will provide a delicious, vegetarian lunch. Please bring along something you'd enjoy for afters or a soft drink.

CONTACT? Call Ray on 01761 479 562 or email Dorota at

Spock on empathy (again!)

It only knows that it needs ....... but, like many of us, it does not know what it needs.
Spock in Star Trek, the Motion Picture