Coaching by phone and Skype, and help for couples

1. Individual calls

This is for people who would like coaching by phone or Skype.

The first session is free and you can use it any way you like, with no obligation.

I can help with 
  • relationships (work and domestic)
  • making your project or dreams into reality
  • health info like sleep problems, stopping smoking and losing weight

My approach draws a lot on CBT,  Nonviolent Communication and focusing.

To book a session, please call or text +44 7501 444047 or use the email form on the right.

2. Group calls

I have group NVC study calls on Wednesday or Thursday evenings (UK time)

To take part you need a copy of Marshall Rosenberg's book, Nonviolent Communication and a headset (£10) to use with your computer.

For more info, please call or text +44 7501 444047 or use the email form on the right.

3. Workshops, Delicious Days and Homestay

I also offer workshops, days for couples with my partner Dorota and Homestay study

4. Things I can help with:

  • less stress
  • clarity, empathy and getting unstuck
  • conflict reduction
  • mediation including for couples
  • practical communication problems
  • the latest science of what works, especially for couples
  • finding a partner
  • starting a project or business
  • mainstream science and the best of the alternatives for lasting change (no unreliable fads, woo or foo-foo)