more on compassionate emailing when angry

OK let's say you have to communicate urgently, 

you can't phone a friend and none of the other suggestions work so you're just going to go ahead and write an email with quite a few points in it............ remember:
  1. Don't look at the original email/text which set off your anger. Instead work out the most important things you need to say right now.
  2. Write the email, broken into parts.
  3. Try to work out what need of yours you are trying to meet in each part - if it doesn't seem likely that the reply from the other person will meet that need - delete!
  4. Email it to yourself
  5. Imagine you are the other person reading the email - does each part meet any need of yours? If not - delete.If yes - clarify that you are hoping to meet that need of the other person's.
  6. You'll then (hopefully) be left with just 1-3 paragraphs that may meet a need of both yours and the other persons, and contain a simple, doable request.
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